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After acquiring a bachelor's degree in biology (Bradley University) I obtained my Ph. D. in chemistry from the University of Hawaii studying the natural products chemistry of deep-water corals. This was followed by two years as a National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

Professional Experience:

I spent 27 years as a scientist at Merck & Co. During the first 20 years I worked as  natural products chemist involved in drug discovery research and was listed as co-inventor on 22 patents (resume) mainly antifungal agents and constituents of Cyanobacteria including the discovery of cryptophycin.

This portion of my career culminated in the discovery of the pneumocandins, a semisynthetic derivative of which became the drug Cancidas(tm). I shared the American Chemical Society's Heroes of Chemistry Award with two other chemist for that discovery.

David Hughes, Robert Schwartz and James Balkovec accepting the Heroes of Chemistry Award for the discovery and development of Cancidas (tm) in 2006.

More recently a derivative of enfumafungin, MK-3118 an orally active anti fungal agent started Phase 1 clinical trials.

During the last seven years I was in charge of Merck's Compound Collection. This entailed managing approximately 40 full-time and temporary employees. I incorporated SOPs, policies, procedures and protocols to assure our customers of the quality of our product, which was chemical samples for biological screening and the data associated with them. I also served as the Controlled Substance Site Monitor for several years. The main application I used for these functions was Pipeline Pilot.