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Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot is an informatics platform for scientists. It provides incredible flexibility to bring together disparate data, manipulate it and provides a wide variety of different ways of presenting the results.

I have been an enduser of Pipeline Pilot, on an almost daily basis, since version 1.5. I have attended most of the user group meeting and presented at many of them. Below is a list of areas that I have used Pipeline Pilot to address. Please Contact me if any interest in consulting using Pipeline Pilot.

Controlled Substances -  PP protocols were developed to monitor all compounds in the Merck Compound Collection and any incoming compounds to make sure that, if they were controlled substance, they were handled according to DEA regulations.

Data Quality Control - One of the most vexing issues is inaccurate data from sources that you are dependent on, but have no direct control over. Assuring that your own data is correct and creating real-world work-arounds for data that you need is one of my areas expertise. Again PP is a very useful tool for this.

Mass Spectroscopy - it's possible to generate an almost incomprehensible amount of data using automated multi-detector, multi-dimensional mass spectroscopy. PP can be extremely useful in sorting through and dealing with these types of data.

Extracting Structures - PP is very useful for extracting embedded structures from Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Reporting - PP is adept at providing attractive and useful output for efficient analysis of your data.