1. Training: A one-hour Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification of Chemical Training Webinar is available upon request.
    1. The course describes concepts and issues particular to the mechanics of classifying chemicals. Although automated methods are mentioned, it is an explanation of concepts that are applicable to automated or manual HTS classification. The course is free of charge and no commitment is required or implied.
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2. Presentation/Demo: A one-hour presentation/demo of the HTSC application is also available. One caveat is that to license the application your organization must have an active Pipeline Pilot (Biovia) license.

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3. Audit/Test List

  1. a. An audit of classifications for selected structures can be performed. A confidentiality agreement may be required if the compounds are proprietary.
  2. b. A test list of classifications can be provided by MyIslandBeach LLC for examination.

4. A short, in-house testing period is available for potential licensees.