If you are wondering if the Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification of chemicals can be automated—it can! I have spent 9 years perfecting the HTSC application that does just that. Check out the Organizations that have licensed it and the Opportunities that are available for you to find out more.

Dr. Robert E. Schwartz owner of MyIslandBeach LLC

Harmonized Tariff Classification is based upon the guidance from the World Customs Organization(WCO) for 183 countries representing more than 98 per cent of all international trade. Goods are classified using a 6-digit portion that is harmonized across all members plus a variable number of additional digits that are country-specific. Chemicals are classified in a variety of chapter headings, but are found primarily in Chapters 28 and 29.

The HTSC Application

The application is Pipeline Pilot based. It can be run from the PP client as a component or from the webport.


About Robert

I spent 27 years as a scientist at Merck & Co. During the first 20 years I worked as  natural products chemist involved in drug discovery research and was listed as co-inventor on 22 patents